Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) Innovation Tour & Interactive Workshop

12.45Departure Münchenbryggeriet
13.30Microsoft Sweden presentation and tour
14.30Depart to Coor
14.45Coor presentation and tour
15.30Highly interactive panel and workshop exploring workplace strategy and challenges
16.30Depart for Foundation Event
17.00Arrival Münchenbryggeriet

To sign up for the tour, please follow this link.

Microsoft Sweden entered The New World of Work in 2011 and have since then worked with the concept Det Nya Arbetslivet (DNA) to inspire organizations to start their transformation to a more flexible, personal and collaborative working life. Combined with technology we see the activity based workplace as an enabler for organizations to successfully go digital and achieve more. To this date over 100.000 individuals have visited us to hear about our journey, the concept DNA and to see our activity based workplace.




Coor is a leading provider of IFM and FM services in the Nordics. Coor’s journey to a Smart Office started already in 2008 when creating their first activity based workplace and experiencing the benefits resulting from this way of working. Since that Coor has been helping also their clients in creating smart workplaces. Smart meaning attractive, productive, efficient and sustainable, now and over time. During this tour we will visit Coor’s corporate HQ in Kista and hear more about the journey to a Smart Office and see and experience some of the smart solutions in this office.