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At World Workplace Europe 2017, Stockholm, Sweden


The third Workplace Strategy Summit will be held on the 30th of May – 1 June at the World Workplace Europe event in the magnificent city of Stockholm. It features a full track focused on the subtitle of the book Work on the Move2, “How Social, Leadership and Technology Innovations are Transforming the Workplace in the Digital Economy.” This book was released in the fall at the World Workplace 2016 event in another port city, San Diego and has become a best seller as, not only a primer on the latest trends around the world, but an essential publication for colleges and universities. Some of the book’s editors and authors will provide up to date content as they lead workshops along with presenters who will include leading professionals and academics from the fields of design, facility management, organizational ecology, technology, and management.

Building on the success of the first of these Summits, held in 2012 at Cornell University and the second held in Reading in the UK, and co-sponsored by the University College London in 2014, this event will be a way to further the conversation on the workplace. The 2017 conference will facilitate an exchange of views of experts and practitioners with emphasis on global trends, new design concepts, leadership expertise, social/well-being and there will be a technology hands-on workshop. The mix of experts and practitioners will provide a wide range of perspectives grounded in experience of developing and implementing innovative workplace concepts in diverse industries, organizations, and national contexts.

In addition to the discussions and workshops, there will be a fundraising event for the IFMA Foundation on the 30th of May in the evening so the Foundation can raise money for their efforts to “Make FM the Career of Choice”. That evening Foundation Trustees will explain their Global Workforce Initiative (GWI) which is now reaching outside of the United States which brings FM education to high schools and 2nd year colleges. In addition, cocktails and light hors d’ oeuvres will be served.
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For additional information, contact Jeff Tafel, Executive Director, IFMA Foundation at jeff.tafel@ifma.org or Nancy Johnson Sanquist, 2nd Vice Chair of the IFMA Foundation at nancy.sanquist@FM:Systemssoftware.com.