Mästerhuset - Vasakronan - Epicenter

13.00Departure Münchenbryggeriet
13.30Arrival at Mästerhuset
13.30 - 14.15Facility tour Mästerhuset
14.15Short walk to Vasakronan
14.30Arrival at Vasakronan
14.30 - 15.45Fika at Vasakronan followed by facility tour
Short walk to Epicenter
16.00Arrival at Epicenter
16.00 - 16.45Facility tour Epicenter
16.45Departure Epicenter
17.00Arrival Münchenbryggeriet


Mästerhuset has been designed to the highest level of technical specifications and design quality. The building incorporates international design practices, such as three metre ceiling heights and windows, creating a new office environment for dynamic people and visionary companies to succeed and grow.
Mästerhuset has been engineered to provide tangible economic benefits for its tenants by combining international design standards and energy-efficient technologies. It is the first building in Stockholm City certified at the level of Platinum New Construction by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
Compared to the average Stockholm City building, Mästerhuset offers the following benefits:
• floors with 30% higher capacity
• systems with 50% lower energy consumption
• lifts with 75% greater passenger capacity
• façades with 90% more natural light penetration
Two large reception lobbies create impressive spaces for welcoming clients and meeting colleagues. In the stylish reception areas, building concierges greet tenants and guests and create a unique service experience at Mästerhuset.

Throughout Mästerhuset, facilities are designed for optimum tenant comfort and productivity. Health club quality locker rooms are adjacent to 370 bicycle stalls.

We will visit the lobby where we will meet the reception staff and also show samples of tenant spaces.

Maesterhuset 1

Maesterhuset 2

Maesterhuset 3

Maesterhuset 4


Vasakronan is the leading property company in Sweden. Our strategy is to focus on Sweden’s major growth regions: Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund.We own and manage 179 properties with a total area of approx. 2,400,000 m2 (as of December 31, 2016). Many of the properties are situated in clusters and offer supplementary services to the tenants. The portfolio is valued at SEK 116 billion.

Environment and climate work are highly prioritized. Vasakronan is a carbon neutral company and is ISO 14001 certified. We were also Sweden’s first property company to offer green leases and green offices.

Our fully activity based office was one of the first to be developed in Stockholm, our developed work style was introduced in 2012 and is a successful combination of space/leadership/technology specially built to help us reach our goals. Today we have deep experience in the area and help our tenants to build their own workplace strategy.

The concept of our head office is built the Italian city Palma Nova, a city built in the 16th century with the aim to promote encounters and interaction between people.

Our office is 2500sqm, built for approx 120-180 employees, customer, suppliers and other contacts. The office is LEED interior certified

Vasakronan 1

Vasakronan 2

Vasakronan 3

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Epicenter is the first innovation house of Stockholm, dedicated to innovation and development – a venue in central Stockholm where established corporations as well as smaller, entrepreneurial companies with proven business models can meet to build new companies and businesses. Epicenter is an innovative environment where people with similar business interests meet. Here you’ll find companies interested in innovation and digital growth that are searching for a knowledge exchange, inspiration and new collaborations. Among our members we have everything from startups to established, fast growing companies that are expanding in Sweden as well as internationally. Also, Epicenter welcomes select, international companies who are working on or developing their offers in Sweden. We are primarily meant for companies that would like to take part of and contribute to an exciting community towards digital innovation and business development. Therefore, the main offer is a membership, not a lease. We offer companies innovation labs to develop new products and services together with different kinds of office- and working abilities to solve the needs for flexible and scalable solutions. At Epicenter, companies are able to work flexible according to the needs you have for the moment. Apart from access to restaurant and lounge areas, there are plenty of other cool areas with the purpose of making companies able to grow and expand their business. Epicenter also offers all members an inspiring program with approximately 100 events such as lectures, after works, Digital Safaris etcetera every year. We are a place for both informal knowledge exchange and structured education. Our members should always feel that creativity is present and easy to get at Epicenter.

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